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Selafais Project

Selafais The Gods DreamLand

A Cthulhian Project for Books and


  • With assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project. A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.
  • With assosiation with the biggest bookstore in the net the "Amazon" we will present to you the best books about the Cthulhu Mythos and in general everything that has to do with fantasy , mystery and sci-fi in books in magazines and even in graphics.

  • [Gods DreamLand ]

    The Creature Companion:
  • I
  • Cthulhu 2000 : A Lovecraftian Anthology
  • II
  • A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography
  • III
  • Delta Green: Alien Intelligence
  • IV
  • Delta Green
  • V
  • More To Come
  • VI